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MediaInfo er et gratis program som leverer tekniske og tags om en video-eller lydfil.


Leser mange video og audio formater
Multiple betyr å vise informasjon (tekst, folier, tre, HTML ...)
Du kan tilpasse disse visninger
Eksporterings muligheter: tekst, CSV, HTML ...
Grafisk grensesnitt, eller Kommando linje
Integrasjon med MS-Windows-skallet
Localization kapasitet (men trenger frivillige)

tilgjengelig informasjon:

Generelt: tittel, forfatter, regissør, album, spornummer, dato, varighet ...
Video: kodek, aspekt, fps, bitrate ...
Lyd: kodek, sample rate, kanaler, språk, bitrate ...
Tekst: språket teksting
Kapitler: greven av kapitler, liste over kapitlene

Eksempler på støttede formater:

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MediaInfo (64-bit) v19.04Filstørrelse: 5.47 MB


MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.57 MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.57 MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.57 MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.57

tag info informasjon video lyd arkiv mkv

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Forfatterens hjemmeside Besøk forfatterens nettsted
Dato lagt til 24.04.2019
Nedlastinger 118
Filstørrelse 5.47 MB (<1min @ 1Mbps)
Støttede språk English   Swedish   Spanish   Dutch  
Plattform Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP1

1Lisens og informasjon om operativsystemet er basert på nyeste versjon av programvaren.

MediaInfo (64-bit) v19.04(Siste stabil versjon) 24.04.2019
MediaInfo (64-bit) v18.12 12.12.2018
MediaInfo (64-bit) v18.08.1 11.09.2018
MediaInfo (64-bit) v18.08 01.09.2018
MediaInfo (64-bit) v18.05 10.05.2018
MediaInfo (64-bit) v18.03.1 28.03.2018
MediaInfo (64-bit) v17.12 22.12.2017
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.99 16.09.2017
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.98 09.08.2017
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.97 01.07.2017
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.95 05.05.2017
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.93 05.03.2017
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.92.1 04.02.2017
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.91 03.12.2016
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.88 10.09.2016
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.86 05.06.2016
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.85 01.05.2016
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.84 02.04.2016
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.83 01.03.2016
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.81 02.01.2016
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.80 11.12.2015
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.79 09.11.2015
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.77 03.09.2015
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.76 13.08.2015
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.74 26.05.2015
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.71 11.11.2014
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.70 03.09.2014
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.67 12.01.2014
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.66 09.01.2014
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.64 04.08.2013
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.63 13.05.2013
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.61 22.10.2012
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.60 04.09.2012
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.59 08.08.2012
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.58 30.05.2012
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.57 06.05.2012
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.56 11.04.2012
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.55 10.04.2012
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.54 14.03.2012
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.53 24.01.2012
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.52 20.12.2011
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.51 12.11.2011
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.50 24.09.2011
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.49 19.09.2011
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.48 17.08.2011
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.47 15.07.2011
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.46 05.07.2011
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.45 16.06.2011
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.44 20.04.2011
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.43 20.03.2011
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.42 04.03.2011
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.41 25.01.2011
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.39 05.01.2011
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.38 17.12.2010
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.37 23.11.2010
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.36 25.10.2010
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.35 13.09.2010
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.34 12.07.2010
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.33 14.05.2010
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.32 02.05.2010
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.31 17.04.2010
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.30 29.03.2010
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.29 09.03.2010
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.28 20.02.2010
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.27 04.01.2010
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.26 19.12.2009
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.25 15.11.2009
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.24 31.10.2009
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.23 17.10.2009
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.22 26.09.2009
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.21 07.09.2009
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.20 03.08.2009
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.19 18.07.2009
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.18 03.07.2009
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.17 20.06.2009
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.16 21.05.2009
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.15 02.05.2009
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.14 18.04.2009
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Ubekreftet ny bruker
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.61

the box set was around ï¿¥ 65,000 [$700] so I dont think theres going to be any iovmrpement in the quality, but who knows, thats something we will have to wait and see. and also, its easier to buy them by volume than by the whole box set, that might be a reason, but thats just what I think.

Ubekreftet ny bruker
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.29

Did you guys fix the problem with the sbilutte render???? No matter what I do, the softsub is always fixed on the video, even when I turn the feature OFF. This problem has been happenning on every release of the version 0.7.1.Hope you guys take a look, because some people that encode softsub videos preffer to keep them like that. ^^

Ubekreftet ny bruker
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.57

rickit was this one [1] im willing to bet 3 acelwlnoes of rule 7 violations![1]They know its one of THESE FOUR PEOPLE, so theyre wanting to do discovery to indentify which one, and will modify the case once they know. No dropping this time. Its not a case of improper joinder this time.They know nothing!They speculate and/or draw prejudicial conclusions that because of the "OMC" and the facts that the ISP painted "Cassin I" as the "person responsible for the IP at the date/time at issue" that it is a case of "the kid(s) is/are the infringer(s)".While we might could assume that it is this case a case of "kids pirate" because of the probability and the fact that so many millions of americans do "it", such "SPECULATIONS" are NOT the law, and speculations are not what lead to a verdict by a judge.Yeah, I know prepoderance of evidence, and all that, but just some initials are NOT evidence and RIAA has NOT identified an individual doing copyrightinfringement. (not in this case and neither in any of the other cases where they spoke that lie too!)If this were a p2p blog and we were all happy copyrightinfringers and had the knowledge that so many are doing it, that from some time to time RIAA is actually fingering infringers and not only dolphins it would be NOT unserious to draw the conclusion that you did from the "evidence". But since this a different type of blog where the LAW is the yardstick, and not the prejudicial thinking of "practicing pirates" and RIAA lawyers alike, your comment is "bogus" like RAy correctly pointed out.