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NirLauncher v1.21.2

Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP
NirLauncher is a package of more than 100 portable freeware utilities for Windows, all of them developed for NirSoft Web site during the last few years.


  • NirLauncher can be used from USB flash drive without need of any installation.
  • NirLauncher and all the utilities in the package are completely freeware, without any Spyware/Adware/Malware.
  • NirLauncher package includes variety of tools that you may need for your daily computer use, including utilities to recover lost passwords, to monitor your network, to view and extract cookies, cache, and other information stored by your Web browser, to search files in your system, and more...
  • For every utility in the package, you can easily run it, view the help file, or jump to the Web page of the utility.
  • When using it from USB flash drive, the configuration of every utility is saved into .cfg file on the flash drive.
  • On x64 systems, NirLauncher automatically run the x64 version of the utility, when there is a separated x64 version.
  • NirLauncher also allows to add more software packages in additional to the main NirSoft package.

    In order to start using NirLauncher, simply extract all files in the package into your flash drive, or any other disk you want. You must extract the package with full folder names, so all NirSoft utilities will be add into NirSoft Subfolder.

    After you extracted the package, simply run the executable file - NirLauncher.exe


    NirLauncher v1.16.06 NirLauncher v1.11.10
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    Dato lagt til 20.03.2019
    Nedlastinger 1
    Filstørrelse 28.77 MB (< 4min @ 1Mbps)
    Støttede språk English,  Spanish,  Dutch
    Plattform Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP1

    1Lisens og informasjon om operativsystemet er basert på nyeste versjon av programvaren.

    20.03.2019NirLauncher v1.21.2(Siste stabil versjon)
    03.03.2019NirLauncher v1.20.75
    30.08.2018NirLauncher v1.20.50
    13.08.2018NirLauncher v1.20.48
    18.04.2018NirLauncher v1.20.36
    12.03.2018NirLauncher v1.20.32
    08.03.2018NirLauncher v1.20.31
    20.12.2017NirLauncher v1.20.24
    31.10.2017NirLauncher v1.20.18
    30.09.2017NirLauncher v1.20.14
    14.08.2017NirLauncher v1.20.11
    23.07.2017NirLauncher v1.20.9
    18.07.2017NirLauncher v1.20.8
    14.05.2017NirLauncher v1.20.1
    08.05.2017NirLauncher v1.19.121
    12.03.2017NirLauncher v1.19.118
    23.08.2016NirLauncher v1.19.99
    16.08.2016NirLauncher v1.19.98
    26.07.2016NirLauncher v1.19.95
    13.06.2016NirLauncher v1.19.90
    11.05.2016NirLauncher v1.19.85
    01.03.2016NirLauncher v1.19.75
    08.02.2016NirLauncher v1.19.72
    04.01.2016NirLauncher v1.19.67
    11.11.2015NirLauncher v1.19.59
    06.10.2015NirLauncher v1.19.54
    17.09.2015NirLauncher v1.19.51
    01.09.2015NirLauncher v1.19.49
    13.08.2015NirLauncher 1.19.46
    04.08.2015NirLauncher v1.19.45
    02.06.2015NirLauncher v1.19.36
    19.05.2015NirLauncher v1.19.34
    12.05.2015NirLauncher v1.19.33
    05.05.2015NirLauncher v1.19.32
    28.04.2015NirLauncher v1.19.31
    21.04.2015NirLauncher v1.19.30
    14.04.2015NirLauncher v1.19.29
    10.04.2015NirLauncher v1.19.28
    31.03.2015NirLauncher v1.19.27
    25.03.2015NirLauncher v1.19.26
    18.03.2015NirLauncher v1.19.25
    03.03.2015NirLauncher v1.19.24
    24.02.2015NirLauncher v1.19.23
    17.02.2015NirLauncher v1.19.22
    10.02.2015NirLauncher v1.19.21
    03.02.2015NirLauncher v1.19.20
    27.01.2015NirLauncher v1.19.19
    20.01.2015NirLauncher v1.19.18
    13.01.2015NirLauncher v1.19.17
    06.01.2015NirLauncher v1.19.16
    30.12.2014NirLauncher v1.19.15
    27.12.2014NirLauncher v1.19.14
    16.12.2014NirLauncher v1.19.13
    09.12.2014NirLauncher v1.19.12
    03.12.2014NirLauncher v1.19.11
    25.11.2014NirLauncher v1.19.10
    11.11.2014NirLauncher v1.19.8
    04.11.2014NirLauncher v1.19.7
    27.10.2014NirLauncher v1.19.6
    21.10.2014NirLauncher v1.19.5
    16.10.2014NirLauncher v1.19.4
    07.10.2014NirLauncher v1.19.3
    30.09.2014NirLauncher v1.19.2
    23.09.2014NirLauncher v1.19.1
    15.09.2014NirLauncher v1.18.76
    08.09.2014NirLauncher v1.18.75
    02.09.2014NirLauncher v1.18.74
    25.08.2014NirLauncher v1.18.73
    19.08.2014NirLauncher v1.18.72
    11.08.2014NirLauncher v1.18.71
    04.08.2014NirLauncher v1.18.70
    29.07.2014NirLauncher v1.18.69
    22.07.2014NirLauncher v1.18.68
    15.07.2014NirLauncher v1.18.67
    08.07.2014NirLauncher v1.18.66
    30.06.2014NirLauncher v1.18.65
    24.06.2014NirLauncher v1.18.64
    17.06.2014NirLauncher v1.18.63
    12.06.2014NirLauncher v1.18.62
    02.06.2014NirLauncher v1.18.61
    27.05.2014NirLauncher v1.18.60
    20.05.2014NirLauncher v1.18.59
    13.05.2014NirLauncher v1.18.58
    06.05.2014NirLauncher v1.18.57
    28.04.2014NirLauncher v1.18.56
    22.04.2014NirLauncher v1.18.55
    14.04.2014NirLauncher v1.18.54
    08.04.2014NirLauncher v1.18.53
    01.04.2014NirLauncher v1.18.52
    24.03.2014NirLauncher v1.18.51
    17.03.2014NirLauncher v1.18.50
    11.03.2014NirLauncher v1.18.49
    04.03.2014NirLauncher v1.18.48
    24.02.2014NirLauncher v1.18.47
    17.02.2014NirLauncher v1.18.46
    11.02.2014NirLauncher v1.18.45
    03.02.2014NirLauncher v1.18.44
    28.01.2014NirLauncher v1.18.43
    20.01.2014NirLauncher v1.18.42
    14.01.2014NirLauncher v1.18.41
    06.01.2014NirLauncher v1.18.40
    30.12.2013NirLauncher v1.18.39
    23.12.2013NirLauncher v1.18.38
    17.12.2013NirLauncher v1.18.37
    09.12.2013NirLauncher v1.18.36
    02.12.2013NirLauncher v1.18.35
    25.11.2013NirLauncher v1.18.34
    18.11.2013NirLauncher v1.18.33
    11.11.2013NirLauncher v1.18.32
    04.11.2013NirLauncher v1.18.31
    28.10.2013NirLauncher v1.18.30
    21.10.2013NirLauncher v1.18.29
    14.10.2013NirLauncher v1.18.28
    07.10.2013NirLauncher v1.18.27
    30.09.2013NirLauncher v1.18.26
    23.09.2013NirLauncher v1.18.25
    16.09.2013NirLauncher v1.18.24
    09.09.2013NirLauncher v1.18.23
    02.09.2013NirLauncher v1.18.22
    25.08.2013NirLauncher v1.18.21
    18.08.2013NirLauncher v1.18.20
    11.08.2013NirLauncher v1.18.19
    28.07.2013NirLauncher v1.18.18
    23.07.2013NirLauncher v1.18.17
    15.07.2013NirLauncher v1.18.16
    08.07.2013NirLauncher v1.18.15
    01.07.2013NirLauncher v1.18.14
    23.06.2013NirLauncher v1.18.13
    16.06.2013NirLauncher v1.18.12
    09.06.2013NirLauncher v1.18.11
    04.06.2013NirLauncher v1.18.10
    28.05.2013NirLauncher v1.18.09
    20.05.2013NirLauncher v1.18.08
    13.05.2013NirLauncher v1.18.07
    05.05.2013NirLauncher v1.18.06
    22.04.2013NirLauncher v1.18.04
    15.04.2013NirLauncher v1.18.03
    07.04.2013NirLauncher v1.18.02
    31.03.2013NirLauncher v1.18.01
    24.03.2013NirLauncher v1.17.22
    17.03.2013NirLauncher v1.17.21
    10.03.2013NirLauncher v1.17.20
    02.03.2013NirLauncher v1.17.19
    22.02.2013NirLauncher v1.17.18
    14.02.2013NirLauncher v1.17.17
    06.02.2013NirLauncher v1.17.16
    28.01.2013NirLauncher v1.17.15
    20.01.2013NirLauncher v1.17.14
    16.01.2013NirLauncher v1.17.13
    05.01.2013NirLauncher v1.17.12
    29.12.2012NirLauncher v1.17.11
    23.12.2012NirLauncher v1.17.10
    18.12.2012NirLauncher v1.17.09
    06.12.2012NirLauncher v1.17.08
    19.11.2012NirLauncher v1.17.06
    12.11.2012NirLauncher v1.17.05
    06.11.2012NirLauncher v1.17.04
    29.10.2012NirLauncher v1.17.03
    16.10.2012NirLauncher v1.17.02
    09.10.2012NirLauncher v1.17.01
    30.09.2012NirLauncher v1.16.07
    23.09.2012NirLauncher v1.16.06
    15.09.2012NirLauncher v1.16.05
    10.09.2012NirLauncher v1.16.04
    25.08.2012NirLauncher v1.16.02
    20.08.2012NirLauncher v1.16.01
    14.08.2012NirLauncher v1.15.11
    20.07.2012NirLauncher v1.15.08
    13.07.2012NirLauncher v1.15.07
    05.07.2012NirLauncher v1.15.06
    29.06.2012NirLauncher v1.15.05
    19.06.2012NirLauncher v1.15.04
    11.06.2012NirLauncher v1.15.03
    26.05.2012NirLauncher v1.15.02
    17.05.2012NirLauncher v1.15.01
    12.05.2012NirLauncher v1.11.55
    10.05.2012NirLauncher v1.11.54
    21.04.2012NirLauncher v1.11.52
    13.04.2012NirLauncher v1.11.51
    30.03.2012NirLauncher v1.11.50
    28.02.2012NirLauncher v1.11.46
    21.02.2012NirLauncher v1.11.45
    08.10.2011NirLauncher v1.11.27
    19.09.2011NirLauncher v1.11.24
    12.06.2011NirLauncher v1.11.11
    04.06.2011NirLauncher v1.11.10
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