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TouchCopy for Mac OS X v12

TouchCopy from Wide Angle Software can be used to transfer data from Apple iPod or iPhone models to a Mac computer, and to manage data on the portable devices from a Mac. It allows a user to transfer songs, playlists, podcasts, videos and other content from the Apple devices back to a Mac. It will allow you to manage contacts, calendars or SMS messages on an iPhone or iPod (where applicable).

Additionally, the software also enables a user to use an iPod or iPhone as an external hard disk drive, using the storage space to host any type of data file.

TouchCopy can enable a user to..

  • Copy iPod music, playlists and other content back to a Mac.
  • Transfer data from an iPhone or iPod into installed iTunes software on a Mac.
  • Backup content to a Mac drive or external hard disk drive in case an iPhone/iPod is lost, stolen or broken in the future.
  • View and copy iPod or iPhone photos back to a computer.
  • Transfer video captured with an iPhone or iPod back to a Mac.
  • Manage Calendars on an iPhone or iPod from a Mac.
  • Manage Contacts on an iPhone or iPod from a Mac.
  • Manage Notes on an iPhone or iPod from a Mac.
  • View SMS on an iPhone from your computer, and copy the data if desired.
  • View, Play or Copy Voice Memos made with an iPhone back to a Mac.
  • Use an iPhone or iPod Touch like an External Hard Disk Drive.
  • Search for music on an iPod and save playlists of search results to iTunes.
  • Play content from an iPhone or iPod on a Mac without installing iTunes.

(Trial download is usable for 15 days with some limitations)
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TouchCopy for Mac OS X v12Filstørrelse: 3.11 MB


TouchCopy for Mac OS X v9.53 TouchCopy for Mac OS X v9.53 TouchCopy for Mac OS X v9.53 TouchCopy for Mac OS X v9.53
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