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ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.20.4

Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP
ProgDVB is a software which allows you to watch (DVB-S) satellite television and listen to radio channels directly from satellite by using DVB-PCI cards with hardware decoders on the board, satellite dish, and personal x86-compatible computers with Windows 98, 2000 and XP systems. This software has options for working with network broadcasting and Audio/Video recording of the stream to different digital-media formats.

At the present moment work on the following cards is possible:
  • Aver DVB-S
  • BroadLogic 2030/1030
  • Netcast DVB
  • Pinnacle PCTV Sat (driver >=260)
  • Sky Star 1 (Nexus; the driver 2.x from TechnoTrend)
  • Sky Star 2 USB or PCI (the driver 4.22 and is higher)
  • Telemann Skymedia 300 DVB (not official)
  • TwinHan compatible (VisionDTV, Power Color, INCA Digital Tv, Chaintech, ...)
  • WinTV NOVA (Budget) USB or PCI
  • St@rKey usb box
  • Cards with BDA driver (With some cards problems are possible)


ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.90 ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.60.6

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Forfatterens hjemmeside Besøk forfatterens nettsted
Dato lagt til 18.08.2020
Nedlastinger 467
Filstørrelse 5.58 MB (<1min @ 1Mbps)
Plattform Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP1

1Lisens og informasjon om operativsystemet er basert på nyeste versjon av programvaren.

18.08.2020ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.35.4(Siste stabil versjon)
10.08.2020ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.35.3
30.07.2020ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.35.2
14.07.2020ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.35.0
11.07.2020ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.34.9
10.07.2020ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.34.8
21.06.2020ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.34.6
15.06.2020ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.34.5
12.06.2020ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.34.4
11.06.2020ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.34.3
22.05.2020ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.34.1
15.05.2020ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.34.0
09.05.2020ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.33.9
01.05.2020ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.33.8
24.04.2020ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.33.7
27.03.2020ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.33.1
21.03.2020ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.33.0
13.03.2020ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.32.9
06.03.2020ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.32.8
02.03.2020ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.32.7
21.02.2020ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.32.6
21.02.2020ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.32.5
15.02.2020ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.32.4
08.02.2020ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.32.3
01.02.2020ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.32.2
28.01.2020ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.32.1
24.01.2020ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.32.0
03.01.2020ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.31.4
26.12.2019ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.31.3
20.12.2019ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.31.2
19.12.2019ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.31.1
14.12.2019ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.30.4
12.12.2019ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.30.3
05.12.2019ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.30.2
28.11.2019ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.30.1
22.11.2019ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.30.0
08.11.2019ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.29.9
19.10.2019ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.29.7
04.10.2019ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.29.4
28.09.2019ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.29.3
13.09.2019ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.29.1
30.08.2019ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.29.0
23.08.2019ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.28.9
16.08.2019ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.28.8
10.08.2019ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.28.7
03.08.2019ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.28.6
26.07.2019ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.28.5
18.07.2019ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.28.4
14.07.2019ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.28.3
02.07.2019ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.28.2
27.05.2019ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.28.1
17.05.2019ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.28.0
03.05.2019ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.27.9
26.04.2019ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.27.8
23.04.2019ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.27.7
21.04.2019ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.27.6
14.04.2019ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.27.4
30.03.2019ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.27.3
23.03.2019ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.27.2
08.03.2019ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.27.1
01.03.2019ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.27.0
08.02.2019ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.26.9
01.02.2019ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.26.8
23.01.2019ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.26.7
08.01.2019ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.26.6
05.01.2019ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.26.5
03.01.2019ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.26.4
22.12.2018ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.26.3
13.12.2018ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.26.1
01.12.2018ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.26.0
24.11.2018ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.25.9
16.11.2018ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.25.8
15.11.2018ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.25.7
27.10.2018ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.25.6
05.10.2018ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.25.4
22.09.2018ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.25.3
07.09.2018ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.25.2
01.09.2018ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.25.1
24.08.2018ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.25.0
17.08.2018ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.24.9
15.08.2018ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.24.8
03.08.2018ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.24.6
20.07.2018ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.24.4
22.06.2018ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.24.2
16.06.2018ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.24.1
05.06.2018ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.24.0
25.05.2018ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.23.9
04.05.2018ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.23.8
29.04.2018ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.23.7
14.04.2018ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.23.5
08.04.2018ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.23.4
01.04.2018ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.23.3
10.03.2018ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.23.2
24.02.2018ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.23.1
16.02.2018ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.23.0
08.02.2018ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.22.9
02.02.2018ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.22.8
26.01.2018ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.22.7
19.01.2018ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.22.6
06.01.2018ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.22.4
05.12.2017ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.21.6
01.12.2017ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.21.5
16.11.2017ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.21.4
09.11.2017ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.21.3
02.11.2017ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.21.2
13.10.2017ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.21.1
05.10.2017ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.21.0
30.09.2017ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.20.6
23.09.2017ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.20.5
11.09.2017ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.20.4
29.08.2017ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.20.3
18.08.2017ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.20.2
12.08.2017ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.20.1
26.07.2017ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.20.0
10.06.2017ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.19.9
04.06.2017ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.19.8
26.05.2017ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.19.7
19.05.2017ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.19.6
26.04.2017ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.19.5
14.04.2017ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.19.4
14.04.2017ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.19.3
06.04.2017ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.19.2
31.03.2017ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.19.0
17.03.2017ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.17.9
09.03.2017ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.17.8
05.03.2017ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.17.7
17.02.2017ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.17.6
03.02.2017ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.17.4
20.01.2017ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.17.3
08.01.2017ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.17.2
17.12.2016ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.17.1
27.11.2016ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.16.9
13.11.2016ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.16.6
30.10.2016ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.16.5
15.10.2016ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.16.4
24.09.2016ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.16.3
10.09.2016ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.16.2
28.08.2016ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.16.0
16.08.2016ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.15.2
01.08.2016ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.15.1
28.07.2016ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.15.0
10.07.2016ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.14.6
23.06.2016ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.14.3
04.06.2016ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.14.2
23.05.2016ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.14.1
05.05.2016ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.13.2
10.04.2016ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.13.1
27.03.2016ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.13.0
19.02.2016ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.12.7
04.02.2016ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.12.6
23.01.2016ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.12.5
09.01.2016ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.12.3
08.01.2016ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.12.2
05.01.2016ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.12.1
13.12.2015ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.12.0
03.12.2015ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.11.6
14.11.2015ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.11.5
23.10.2015ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.11.4
16.10.2015ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.11.3
01.10.2015ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.11.2
20.09.2015ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.11.1
13.09.2015ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.11.0
31.08.2015ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.10.7
25.08.2015ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.10.6
21.08.2015ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.10.5
16.08.2015ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.10.4
01.08.2015ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.10.3
01.08.2015ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.10.2
21.05.2015ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.09.2
16.05.2015ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.09.1
06.05.2015ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.09.0
03.05.2015ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.08.9
12.04.2015ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.08.8
27.03.2015ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.08.7
13.03.2015ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.08.6
02.03.2015ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.08.5
24.02.2015ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.08.3
20.02.2015ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.08.2
15.02.2015ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.08.1
26.01.2015ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.08.0
09.01.2015ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.07.9
25.12.2014ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.07.8
14.12.2014ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.07.7
13.12.2014ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.07.6
16.11.2014ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.07.5
08.11.2014ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.07.4
30.10.2014ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.07.3
19.10.2014ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.07.2
11.10.2014ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.07.1
03.10.2014ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.07.0
28.09.2014ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.06.9
19.09.2014ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.06.8
06.09.2014ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.06.7
26.08.2014ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.06.6
15.08.2014ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.06.5
25.07.2014ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.06.4
21.07.2014ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.06.3
19.07.2014ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.06.2
18.07.2014ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.06.1
12.07.2014ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.06.0
04.07.2014ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.05.8
27.06.2014ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.05.7
22.06.2014ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.05.6
13.06.2014ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.05.5
07.06.2014ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.05.4
30.05.2014ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.05.3
23.05.2014ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.05.2
17.05.2014ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.05.1
08.05.2014ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.05
26.04.2014ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.04.3
18.04.2014ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.04.2
11.04.2014ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.04.1
04.04.2014ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.04
29.03.2014ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.03.1
21.03.2014ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.03
14.03.2014ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.02.6
07.03.2014ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.02.5
01.03.2014ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.02.4
23.02.2014ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.02.3
14.02.2014ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.02.2
07.02.2014ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.02.1
31.01.2014ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.02
25.01.2014ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.01.1
25.01.2014ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.01
20.01.2014ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v7.00
11.01.2014ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.97.3f (pre-release)
25.12.2013ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.97.2
24.12.2013ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.97.1
20.12.2013ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.97.0
15.12.2013ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.96.4
08.12.2013ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.96.3
29.11.2013ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.96.2
22.11.2013ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.96.1
16.11.2013ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.96
02.11.2013ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.95.9
19.10.2013ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.95.8
11.10.2013ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.95.7
06.10.2013ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.95.6
02.10.2013ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.95.5
30.09.2013ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.95.4
16.09.2013ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.95.3
23.08.2013ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.95.2
20.08.2013ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.95.1
25.07.2013ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.94.6
20.07.2013ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.94.5
29.06.2013ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.94.4
25.06.2013ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.94.3
22.06.2013ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.94.2
17.06.2013ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.94.1
16.06.2013ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.94
15.05.2013ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.93.1
06.05.2013ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.93
29.04.2013ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.92.8
24.04.2013ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.92.7
07.04.2013ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.92.6
31.03.2013ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.92.5
22.03.2013ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.92.4
15.03.2013ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.92.3
08.03.2013ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.92.2
19.02.2013ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.92.1
07.02.2013ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.92
28.01.2013ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.91.9
22.01.2013ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.91.8
17.01.2013ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.91.7
07.01.2013ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.91.6
21.12.2012ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.91.5
16.12.2012ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.91.4
05.12.2012ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.91.3
30.11.2012ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.91.2
23.11.2012ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.91.1
18.11.2012ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.91.0
11.11.2012ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.90.1
05.11.2012ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.90
06.10.2012ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.87.6
29.09.2012ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.87.5
12.09.2012ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.87.4
10.09.2012ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.87.3
04.09.2012ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.87.2
27.08.2012ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.87.1
25.08.2012ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.87
10.08.2012ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.86.4
05.08.2012ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.86.3
01.08.2012ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.86.2
28.07.2012ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.86.1
21.07.2012ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.86
16.07.2012ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.85.8
07.07.2012ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.85.7
01.07.2012ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.85.6
29.06.2012ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.85.5
18.06.2012ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.85.4
10.06.2012ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.85.3
04.06.2012ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.85.2
28.05.2012ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.85.1
26.05.2012ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.85
14.05.2012ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.84.5
30.04.2012ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.84.3
10.04.2012ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.84.2
25.03.2012ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.84.1
17.03.2012ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.84
12.03.2012ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.83.4
27.02.2012ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.83.3
17.02.2012ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.83.2
07.02.2012ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.83.1
04.02.2012ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.83
22.01.2012ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.82.1
15.01.2012ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.82
27.12.2011ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.81
21.12.2011ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.80.3
10.12.2011ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.80.2
03.12.2011ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.80.1
27.11.2011ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.80
19.11.2011ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.74
12.11.2011ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.73.4
05.11.2011ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.73.3
01.11.2011ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.73.1
29.10.2011ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.73
24.10.2011ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.72.8
22.10.2011ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.72.7
18.10.2011ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.72.6
15.10.2011ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.72.5
08.10.2011ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.72.3
03.10.2011ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.72.2
24.09.2011ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.72.1
17.09.2011ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.72
11.09.2011ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.71.1
27.08.2011ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.70.6
22.08.2011ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.70.5
13.08.2011ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.70.3
07.08.2011ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.65.2
24.07.2011ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.65
02.07.2011ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.63.10
27.06.2011ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.63.9
20.06.2011ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.63.8
11.06.2011ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.63.7
03.06.2011ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.63.6
26.05.2011ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.63.5
22.05.2011ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.63.4
17.05.2011ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.63.2
09.04.2011ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.61.3
02.04.2011ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.61.2
26.03.2011ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.61.1
19.03.2011ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.61
13.03.2011ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.60.7
10.03.2011ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.60.6
05.03.2011ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.60.5
26.02.2011ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.60.4
19.02.2011ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.60.2
14.02.2011ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.60
05.02.2011ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.51.7
29.01.2011ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.51.6
23.01.2011ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.51.4
16.01.2011ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.51.3
12.01.2011ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.51.2
05.01.2011ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.51.1
25.12.2010ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.50.1
18.12.2010ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.50
11.12.2010ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.49.9
04.12.2010ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.49.8
27.11.2010ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.49.7
21.11.2010ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.49.6
20.11.2010ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.49.5
13.11.2010ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.49.4
07.11.2010ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.49.3
07.11.2010ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.49.2
30.10.2010ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.49
23.10.2010ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.48.4
15.10.2010ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.48.3
09.10.2010ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.48.2
05.10.2010ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.48.1
03.10.2010ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.48
05.09.2010ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.46.6
30.08.2010ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.46.5
19.08.2010ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.46.2
12.08.2010ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.45.4
27.07.2010ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.45.3
10.07.2010ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.45
03.07.2010ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.44
26.06.2010ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.43.2
22.06.2010ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.43.1
19.06.2010ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.43
13.06.2010ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.42.5
07.06.2010ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.42.1
29.05.2010ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.41.1
22.05.2010ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.40.4
20.05.2010ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.40.3
08.05.2010ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.34.3
28.04.2010ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.34.2
14.04.2010ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.34
12.04.2010ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.33.1
24.03.2010ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.33
16.03.2010ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.32.8
03.03.2010ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.32.7
22.02.2010ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.32.6
02.02.2010ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.32.4
31.01.2010ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.32.1
27.01.2010ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.31.4
24.01.2010ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.31.3
15.01.2010ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.31.1
08.01.2010ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.30.3
30.12.2009ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.30
21.12.2009ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.25.4
07.12.2009ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.25.1
06.12.2009ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.25
27.11.2009ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.24.1
21.11.2009ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.24
12.11.2009ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.23.2
06.11.2009ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.23.1
29.10.2009ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.23
22.10.2009ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.22.1
21.10.2009ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.22
12.10.2009ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.21.1
03.10.2009ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.21
26.09.2009ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.20.5
20.09.2009ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.20.4
10.09.2009ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.20.3
06.09.2009ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.20.2
02.09.2009ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.20.1
25.08.2009ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.12.1
23.08.2009ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.12
16.08.2009ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.11.8
08.08.2009ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.11.7
03.08.2009ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.11.6
01.08.2009ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.11.4
27.07.2009ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.11.3
19.07.2009ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.11.1
16.07.2009ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.11
04.07.2009ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.10.2
28.06.2009ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.10.1
23.06.2009ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.10
08.06.2009ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.06.5
30.05.2009ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.06.4
24.05.2009ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.06.3
16.05.2009ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.06.2
07.05.2009ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.06.1
25.04.2009ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.06
08.04.2009ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.05.02
28.03.2009ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.05.01
11.03.2009ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.05
07.03.2009ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.04.06
28.02.2009ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.04.04
17.02.2009ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.04.03
14.02.2009ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.04.02
06.02.2009ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.04.01
29.01.2009ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.04
23.01.2009ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.03.04
17.01.2009ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.03.03
07.01.2009ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.03.01
03.01.2009ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.03
26.12.2008ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.02.03
25.12.2008ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.02.02
07.12.2008ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.02
03.11.2008ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.01
18.10.2008ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v6.0 Test
12.10.2008ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v5.16.2
06.10.2008ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v5.16.1
27.09.2008ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v5.16
19.09.2008ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v5.15.11
13.09.2008ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v5.15.10
31.08.2008ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v5.15.9
24.08.2008ProgDVB + ProgTV (64-Bit) v5.15.8
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