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Sublight (Portable) v5.4.1007

Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP
Sublight is a software that enables you to search for movie subtitles and download them to your computer. It can search for subtitles based on several criteria such as movie title, year and more. The results are presented in list from where you can preview and download the title you want. Other features include playback integration with several popular media players, publishing of subtitles and optional Windows Explorer integration.

  • access to over million subtitles
  • autodetects over 100,000 movies and tv series
  • Office 2010 look and feel with Ribbon user interface
  • Sublight is currently translated to 19 languages
  • supports 46 subtitle languages
  • plugin support for accessing subtitles from different sources
  • user can choose default subtitle encoding (ANSI, custom code page, UTF-8, Unicode)
  • movie playback with subtitle support with double click
  • possible to play RAR compressed video files
  • possible to publish new subtitles
  • simple subtitle editor
  • subtitle synchronization
  • users can preview subtitle before download
  • possible to view new/favorite subtitles
  • includes "My Movies" library
  • supports 9 favorite video players
  • possible to integrate subtitle search in Windows Explorer
  • users can vote/report subtitles
  • includes cross-platform tool SublightCmd for batch subtitle download (advanced users)
  • and much more...

    Microsoft .NET Framework v2.0 or later required
  • Free Download
    Sublight (Portable) v5.4.1007Filstørrelse: 1.60 MB


    Sublight (Portable) v5.0.1018 Sublight (Portable) v5.0.1018 Sublight (Portable) v5.0.1018

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    Lisens Freeware1
    Forfatterens hjemmeside Besøk forfatterens nettsted
    Dato lagt til 17.03.2018
    Nedlastinger 2
    Filstørrelse 1.60 MB (<1min @ 1Mbps)
    Plattform Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP1

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    Sublight (Portable) v5.4.1007(Siste stabil versjon) 17.03.2018
    Sublight (Portable) v5.4.1005 25.11.2017
    Sublight (Portable) v5.4.1004 25.11.2017
    Sublight (Portable) v5.4.1003 20.08.2017
    Sublight (Portable) v5.4.1002 29.06.2017
    Sublight (Portable) v5.4.1001 31.05.2017
    Sublight (Portable) v5.4.1000 17.05.2017
    Sublight (Portable) v5.3.1006 22.04.2017
    Sublight (Portable) v5.3.1005 19.04.2017
    Sublight (Portable) v5.3.1004 16.04.2017
    Sublight (Portable) v5.3.1003 01.04.2017
    Sublight (Portable) v5.3.1000 18.03.2017
    Sublight (Portable) v5.2.1008 05.03.2017
    Sublight (Portable) v5.2.1007 16.02.2017
    Sublight (Portable) v5.2.1006 06.12.2016
    Sublight (Portable) v5.2.1005 27.10.2016
    Sublight (Portable) v5.2.1004 16.10.2016
    Sublight (Portable) v5.2.1003 24.06.2016
    Sublight (Portable) v5.2.1002 22.04.2016
    Sublight (Portable) v5.2.1000 13.03.2016
    Sublight (Portable) v5.2.0 30.01.2016
    Sublight (Portable) v5.1.0 24.01.2016
    Sublight (Portable) v5.0.2010 05.01.2016
    Sublight (Portable) v5.0.2008 11.11.2015
    Sublight (Portable) v5.0.2007 12.10.2015
    Sublight (Portable) v5.0.2006 08.10.2015
    Sublight (Portable) v5.0.2005 29.09.2015
    Sublight (Portable) v5.0.2004 19.09.2015
    Sublight (Portable) v5.0.2003 31.08.2015
    Sublight (Portable) v5.0.2001 23.08.2015
    Sublight (Portable) v5.0.2000 19.08.2015
    Sublight (Portable) v5.0.1032 08.08.2015
    Sublight (Portable) v5.0.1031 04.08.2015
    Sublight (Portable) v5.0.1029 01.08.2015
    Sublight (Portable) v5.0.1028 31.07.2015
    Sublight (Portable) v5.0.1022 20.06.2015
    Sublight (Portable) v5.0.1018 29.05.2015
    Sublight (Portable) v5.0.1016 24.05.2015
    Sublight (Portable) v5.0.1015 16.05.2015
    Sublight (Portable) v3.6.5 13.11.2012
    Sublight (Portable) v3.6.2 13.08.2012
    Sublight (Portable) v3.6.0 19.06.2012
    Sublight (Portable) v3.5.2 09.05.2012
    Sublight (Portable) v3.5.1 03.05.2012
    Sublight (Portable) v3.3.0 18.03.2012
    Sublight (Portable) v3.2.0 05.03.2012
    Sublight (Portable) v3.1.0 30.01.2012
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