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SciTE (Portable) v4.4.4

Open source
Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP
SciTE is a SCIntilla-based text editor / IDE for programming several different languages. It is originally built to demonstrate Scintilla, but it has grown to be a generally useful editor with facilities for building and running programs.

Like many other similiar texteditors, SciTE has colour coding which is available for about 30 languages, including C(++), C#, CSS, HTML, Java, JavaScript, Perl and PHP. Some languages also have code fill for functions. There also is a feature to expand/collapse contents inside braces, making the code easier to read.

A feature that makes SciTE useful for programming is the possibility to compile and run the code straight from the editor.
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SciTE (Portable) v4.4.4Filstørrelse: 27.22 kB


SciTE (Portable) v3.2.5 SciTE (Portable) v3.0.4
Lisens Open source1
Forfatterens hjemmeside Besøk forfatterens nettsted
Dato lagt til 22.07.2020
Nedlastinger 56
Filstørrelse 27.22 kB (<1min @ 1Mbps)
Støttede språk English  
Plattform Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP1

1Lisens og informasjon om operativsystemet er basert på nyeste versjon av programvaren.

SciTE (Portable) v4.4.4(Siste stabil versjon) 22.07.2020
SciTE (Portable) v4.3.2 14.03.2020
SciTE (Portable) v4.2.2 07.12.2019
SciTE (Portable) (64-bit) v4.2.0 06.07.2019
SciTE (Portable) v4.1.7 13.06.2019
SciTE (Portable) v4.1.6 10.06.2019
SciTE (Portable) v4.1.4 08.03.2019
SciTE (Portable) v4.1.3 12.01.2019
SciTE (Portable) v4.1.2 28.10.2018
SciTE (Portable) v4.1.1 21.09.2018
SciTE (Portable) v4.1.0 23.06.2018
SciTE (Portable) v4.0.4 16.04.2018
SciTE (Portable) v4.0.2 02.11.2017
SciTE (Portable) v4.0.0 17.08.2017
SciTE (Portable) v3.7.5 27.05.2017
SciTE (Portable) v3.7.0 20.10.2016
SciTE (Portable) v3.6.1 15.09.2015
SciTE (Portable) v3.6.0 04.08.2015
SciTE (Portable) v3.5.7 22.06.2015
SciTE (Portable) v3.5.0 19.08.2014
SciTE (Portable) v3.4.4 25.07.2014
SciTE (Portable) v3.4.3 29.05.2014
SciTE (Portable) v3.4.1 02.04.2014
SciTE (Portable) v3.4.0 24.03.2014
SciTE (Portable) v3.3.9 03.02.2014
SciTE (Portable) v3.3.8 28.01.2014
SciTE (Portable) v3.3.7 16.12.2013
SciTE (Portable) v3.3.6 16.10.2013
SciTE (Portable) v3.3.5 01.09.2013
SciTE (Portable) v3.3.4 01.08.2013
SciTE (Portable) v3.3.3 03.06.2013
SciTE (Portable) v3.3.2 22.05.2013
SciTE (Portable) v3.3.1 14.04.2013
SciTE (Portable) v3.3.0 30.03.2013
SciTE (Portable) v3.2.5 26.02.2013
SciTE (Portable) v3.2.4 22.01.2013
SciTE (Portable) v3.2.3 23.10.2012
SciTE (Portable) v3.2.2 02.09.2012
SciTE (Portable) v3.2.1 20.07.2012
SciTE (Portable) v3.1.0 20.04.2012
SciTE (Portable) v3.0.4 08.03.2012
SciTE (Portable) v3.0.3 29.01.2012
SciTE (Portable) v3.0.2 09.12.2011
SciTE (Portable) v3.0.1 16.11.2011
SciTE (Portable) v3.0.0 02.11.2011
SciTE (Portable) v2.29 20.09.2011
SciTE (Portable) v2.28 07.08.2011
SciTE (Portable) v2.27 20.06.2011
SciTE (Portable) v2.26 27.05.2011
SciTE (Portable) v2.25 21.03.2011
SciTE (Portable) v2.24 03.02.2011
SciTE (Portable) v2.23 08.12.2010
SciTE (Portable) v2.22 01.11.2010
SciTE (Portable) v2.21 02.09.2010
SciTE (Portable) v2.20 12.08.2010
SciTE (Portable) v2.11 12.04.2010
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