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PhraseExpress v14.0.181

Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP
PhraseExpress eliminates repetitive typing and manages frequently used text snippets in customizable categories. Boilerplate templates can be stored together with bitmaps and RTF or HTML text formatting. The unique text prediction feature watches out for repetitive text patterns and offers to auto-complete such phrases. Smart algorithms analyze and learn your writing patterns, and suggest the most relevant ways to complete phrases and sentences.

The Autotext feature allows assigning a frequently used text such as your address, your signature or a common phrase to a much shorter abbreviation. Whenever you type in the assigned abbreviation PhraseExpress will automatically replace it with the original text. For example, "ty" will be expanded to "thank you very much. Existing MS Office AutoCorrect entries can be imported for use in any Windows program, not just MS Office. PhraseExpress automatically recognizes unwanted Autotexts and suppresses the text replacement the next time you enter the Autotext.


PhraseExpress v8.0.134 PhraseExpress v8.0.134 PhraseExpress v8.0.134 PhraseExpress v8.0.134

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Forfatterens hjemmeside Besøk forfatterens nettsted
Dato lagt til 02.04.2020
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Filstørrelse 26.71 kB (<1min @ 1Mbps)
Støttede språk English
Plattform Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP1

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02.04.2020PhraseExpress v14.0.183(Siste stabil versjon)
01.03.2020PhraseExpress v14.0.181
28.11.2019PhraseExpress v14.0.171
21.08.2019PhraseExpress v14.0.153
02.05.2018PhraseExpress v13.6.6
17.03.2018PhraseExpress v13.5.7
14.12.2017PhraseExpress v13.0.63
03.11.2017PhraseExpress v12.0.148
31.05.2017PhraseExpress v12.0.145
19.05.2017PhraseExpress v12.0.144
18.02.2017PhraseExpress v12.0.136
07.10.2016PhraseExpress v12.0.105
22.02.2016PhraseExpress v11.0.131
28.10.2015PhraseExpress v11.0.125
01.10.2015PhraseExpress v11.0.122
01.08.2015PhraseExpress v11.0.108
04.12.2014PhraseExpress v10.5.41
11.11.2014PhraseExpress v10.5.38
24.09.2014PhraseExpress v10.5.24
22.09.2014PhraseExpress v10.5.23
06.08.2014PhraseExpress v10.5.16
22.07.2014PhraseExpress v10.5.8
10.07.2014PhraseExpress v10.5.6
14.06.2014PhraseExpress v10.1.58
08.06.2014PhraseExpress v10.1.57
29.05.2014PhraseExpress v10.1.55
27.04.2014PhraseExpress v10.1.35
10.04.2014PhraseExpress v10.1.30
09.01.2014PhraseExpress v10.0.133
21.12.2013PhraseExpress v10.0.132
16.12.2013PhraseExpress v10.0.129
07.11.2013PhraseExpress v9.1.47
26.09.2013PhraseExpress v9.1.46
07.08.2013PhraseExpress v9.1.45
24.07.2013PhraseExpress v9.1.44
04.07.2013PhraseExpress v9.1.43d
19.06.2013PhraseExpress v9.1.41
29.04.2013PhraseExpress v9.1.36
20.04.2013PhraseExpress v9.1.34
18.04.2013PhraseExpress v9.1.32
14.04.2013PhraseExpress v9.1.29
03.04.2013PhraseExpress v9.1.19
21.03.2013PhraseExpress v9.1.14
18.03.2013PhraseExpress v9.1.13
08.03.2013PhraseExpress v9.1.8
07.03.2013PhraseExpress v9.1.7f
06.03.2013PhraseExpress v9.1.5
20.02.2013PhraseExpress v9.0.172
18.02.2013PhraseExpress v9.0.170
29.01.2013PhraseExpress v9.0.167
16.01.2013PhraseExpress v9.0.161
18.12.2012PhraseExpress v9.0.151
05.06.2011PhraseExpress v8.0.134
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