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Endringer for v3.14 - v3.15

  • Fixed disabled string gadgets in info window
  • Unlock pubscreen when iconified
  • Fixed AREXX open/add commands to work with playlists
  • Changed playlist loading code to always accept headerless playlists when their extension is (.pls|.m3u|.playlist)
  • Completely revised charset conversion routines resulting in mucht better UTF8 support
  • Revised plain M3U playlist loading, now also works via HTTP
  • Fixed time display of long tracks in skinned playlist window, added time display to reaction playlist window
  • Added automatic reconnect for shoutcast streaming if connection was lost

Endringer for v3.12 - v3.14

  • Completely revised PLS and M3U loading routines.
  • Allow loading a headerless playlist if it's opened as a single file via CLI, Eject or Drag&Drop
  • Updated italian catalog
  • Remember Info window position

Endringer for v3.10 - v3.12

  • Auto depth-arrange attached windows in skinned mode
  • Revised window dragging routine in skinned mode
  • Added cover display
  • Added "FilePath" config option
  • Changed loading of whole directories to pattern matching files only
  • Big internal code change, switched unskinned main- and playlist-window to ReAction

Endringer for v3.7 - v3.8

  • Automatically load whole directory if no specific file is selected.
  • Fixed crash when shuffling playlist while playing.
  • Fixed bug which left files open after unsuccessful playback.
  • Updated catalog files.
  • Fixed handling of brackets in directory names.

Endringer for v3.6 - v3.7

  • Added TuneNet Plugin support.
  • Now using faad.library instead of built in AAC decoder.
  • Fixed automatic opening of playlist window in ReAction GUI mode.

Endringer for v3.5 - v3.6

  • Added new GET... AREXX commands
  • Fixed picky streaming sanity check
  • Fixed 'disabled' status for tag editor Save/Clear-buttons
  • Fixed crash when quitting AmigaAMP while visualization is stopped

Endringer for v3.2 - v3.3

  • Fixed default analyzer colours for built in base skin.
  • Added "" file pattern option.
  • Added AsyncIO support to libsndfile reading routine
  • Tag info window title now shows full path
  • Only the first instance of AmigaAMP will load the default playlist
  • Included new prefs editor

Endringer for v3.1 - v3.2

  • Removed QUIET ToolType, added SKINPROGRESS instead.
  • Reverted to loading skins and plugins from PROGDIR: by default.
  • Added unicode support to ID3v2.3, added basic ID3v2.4 support.
  • Fixed DSI error when starting AmigaAMP in skin mode but not all elements could be loaded.
  • Added OGG support.
  • Implemented loading base skin from memory.
  • Changed "shuffle" to "random play" behaviour.

Endringer for v3.0 - v3.1

  • Fixed AREXX interface for OPEN and ADD
  • Fixed opening files by clicking on their dedault icon
  • Improved playlist navigation via keyboard
  • Fixed mouse button handling routine

Endringer for v2.24 - v3.0

  • This version DOES NOT fully replace AmigaAMP 2. It's a successor with some new features added and some old legacy code removed. It only supports AHI for playback. All decoders are built in, so there's no "External Engine" any more.

Endringer for v2.22 - v2.23

  • This update fixes corrupt playlist window rendering and gadget positioning.

Endringer for v2.21 - v2.22

  • I've added some AREXX commands so that scripts can get the currently playing track / artist / album from AmigaAMP. This can be used for 'now playing' messages in chats or to drive front panel LCDs.

Endringer for v2.20 - v2.21

  • This version fixes several bugs in GadTools mode. Only the main executable has changed. The decoding engines remain at version 2.20.

Endringer for v2.18 - v2.20

  • This version features improved the GadTools GUI OS4 compatibility, support for OS4 mouse wheel events and better loading of M3U playlists. Enjoy!

Endringer for v2.17 - v2.18

  • The distribution is now divided into base package (AmigaAMP.lha) and separate archives for the decoding engines depending on which architecture you're running it on. The base package will run using mpega.library and sndfile.library. The so called decoding engines will add extra features like high quality decompression, graphic equalizer (currently for MP2/MP3 only) and high accuracy analyzers and scopes. Currently the decoding engine is available for the following architectures:
  • m68k-amigaos - Classic AmigaOS 3.x
  • Too demanding for an original classic Amiga but a good choice for fast emulators like WinUAE / Amiga Forever
  • ppc-powerup - AmigaOS 3.x with PowerUP or MorphOS
  • This is historically the very first implementation. It makes use of direct ppc.library calls from within AmigaAMP, so it's called 'internal'.
  • ppc-warpup - AmigaOS 3.x with WarpUP
  • This is technically a separate executable running as a normal AmigaOS taskand acting like a plugin. It's called 'external' just like the m68k and the OS4 versions.
  • ppc-amigaos - AmigaOS 4 final
  • It works exactly like the WarpUP and the m68k versions but it's compiled specifically for OS4.
  • This is the first release and probably still slightly buggy. However, all betatesters so far could not reproduce bugs which are clearly related to the decoding engine executable. For some it crashed but the reason is yet unknown.
  • If you can clearly reproduce a bug/crash then please contact me via email and I'll send you a special debug-version for testing. All I need is your GrimReaper log incl. stack trace then.

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