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Versjonshistorie AxCrypt (Portable)

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Endringer for v2.1.1534.0 - v2.1.1536

  • Minor update with bug fixes, UI performance improvements and maintenance work.
  • Change log
  • #377: Re-encrypted documents revert to AES-128 even if Premium under certain conditions
  • #376: Incorrect handling of blocked UI thread may cause crash
  • #375: Re-implement IMainUI to use a stack of states for enabling / disabling the UI
  • #352: When signing up, focus is not set in ‘Verification Code’ field
  • #256: Additional confirmation for passsword after signing up
  • #53: Translations and texts maintenance.

Endringer for v2.1.1399.0 - v2.1.1409

  • #149: Problem with decrypting 128-bit encrypted files with asymmetric key
  • #148: Add file name to exception message in some circumstances
  • #147: Add German as a language choice

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