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Endringer for v0.5.6 - v0.5.8

  • Blu-ray 3D SSIF scanning fixes (ex. [UK] The Hole 3D).
  • Blu-ray scanning fixes for certain titles with playlists containing multiple M2TS (ex. [US] Enter the Void).
  • The settings "Keep original stream ordering" and "Enable SSIF scanning" are now enabled by default.
  • Added "50Hz Content" indicator to the main window and report when a disc contains any playlists with 1080i50 or 576i50 video.
  • Added milliseconds display for the Playlist Length field in the report.
  • Added drag-and-drop folder/file support from Explorer and the main program window.
  • Browse button will now start the folder browser in the location specified by the "Select the Source BD-ROM" textbox.
  • Fixed bug with empty custom playlists.
  • Upgraded source code solution to Visual Studio 2010.

Endringer for v0.5.5 - v0.5.6

  • Fixed problem introduced in v0.5.5 with incorrect bitrate charts and chapter peak/average measurements for BonusView titles.
  • Changed playlist scanner back to using M2TS instead of SSIF by default due to problems with certain Blu-ray 3D discs.
  • Added option to scan SSIF instead of M2TS to settings.
  • Added additional debug logging to report when file scanning errors are encountered.

Endringer for v0.5.4 - v0.5.5

  • Added video bitrate analysis and charts for MPEG-4 MVC streams on Blu-ray 3D discs.
  • Changed calculation of disc size to exclude SSIF files for Blu-ray 3D discs.
  • Changed calculation of playlist size to include interleaved companion files for Blu-ray 3D discs.
  • Changed playlist scanner to use SSIF instead of M2TS for Blu-ray 3D discs.
  • Changed startup and full scans to skip unreferenced M2TS.

Endringer for v0.5.2 - v0.5.3

  • BDInfo source code given an LGPL 2.1 license.
  • Added marking of "hidden" tracks - i.e. streams which are present in the underlying CLPI/M2TS, but absent in a given MPLS.
  • Added grouping display and sorting for playlists that share M2TS.
  • Added ability to multi-select M2TS when creating custom playlists.
  • Added display of DialNorm values (offset from -31dB reference) for AC3 and DTS audio tracks.
  • Added detection of D-Box Motion Code presence.
  • Changed handling of copy-protected and damaged discs to hopefully display better error messages.
  • Changed option to hide "invalid" playlists into separate options for hiding looping playlists and playlists under a configurable runtime length.
  • Changed detailed report display for multi-angle playlists to display more information.
  • Fixed bug that prevented all streams from being displayed sometimes in custom playlists.

Endringer for v0.5.1 - v0.5.2

  • Fixed bug that prevented detection of BD+ with newer revisions of AnyDVD HD.
  • Fixed bug that prevented proper stream identification for certain playlists.
  • Added setting to preserve original stream ordering.
  • Added quick playlist summary output to the text report.
  • Added "rescan" button to refresh disc contents from last folder scanned.
  • Added feature to remember the last folder scanned between BDInfo sessions.
  • Added default filename to chart image save screen.

Endringer for v0.5.0 - v0.5.1

  • Added BDInfo version number to text report output.
  • Fixed bug that prevented report display for certain playlists.
  • Fixed bug that prevented full bitrate scan of certain playlists.
  • Fixed bug that caused reporting problems when a playlist contains streams of different types with the same PID.
  • Fixed detection of CBR for "open" bitrate DTS audio tracks.
  • Fixed channel count detection for 6.1 DTS-ES tracks.
  • Changed constant bitrate display of 1536 kbps DTS tracks to a more technically accurate 1509 kbps.
  • Changed text report to only display stream diagnostics once for each M2TS in a given playlist.

Endringer for v0.4.1 - v0.5.0

  • Source code published.
  • Added detection of channel layout, bit depth and sample rate for DTS-HD High-Resolution and Master Audio tracks.
  • Added immediate display of constant bitrates after the initial startup disc scan for DTS-HD and DTS Express constant bitrate tracks.
  • Added display of alternate angle M2TS files and video information for multi-angle playlists.
  • Added detection of Dolby Surround for AC3 2.0 audio tracks.
  • Added ability to generate charts for secondary video tracks.
  • Added ability to generate custom playlists for reporting purposes.
  • Added "Measured Bytes" tracking display to MPLS playlist and M2TS stream file lists.
  • Changed UI layout including resizeable main window.
  • Changed chart X-axis timescales from seconds to minutes.
  • Changed layout of frame type charts to fix text overlap problems.
  • Fixed support for MPLS playlist files that reference only part of an M2TS.
  • Fixed bug in subtitle and chapter average video bitrate calculations.
  • Fixed bug in frame type count and size charts that excluded final video frame.
  • Removed display of VC-1 BI-frames from frame type charts - these are now counted as B-frames.
  • Removed CSV export frame dump option.

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