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Versjonshistorie DScaler

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Endringer for v4.1.18 Test - v4.1.19 Experimental

  • Bug fixes for problems introduced in 4.1.18

Endringer for v4.1.16 Alpha - v4.1.17 Test

  • General
  • Signed Drivers for full support on 64bit OSes
  • What's Improved
  • General
  • Lots of bug fixes
  • Better Vista Support

Endringer for v4.1.15 - v4.1.16 Alpha

  • Support for 64 bit OSes
  • Preliminary support of displaying on DirectX surface for systems without overlay (no multi-monitor support)
  • Support for compilation under VS 2005
  • Added more skins to install package
  • Should work on win98 (really really this time)
  • The chances of DScaler hanging or crashing your system are greatly reduced.
  • Sometimes explorer.exe hangs for a while when starting DScaler. When this happens and DScaler is started a second time dscaler.ini is not corrupted any longer.
  • Fixed problem caused by Antivir.
  • Improved resume after suspend.
  • Fixed several problems that resulted in unnecessarily high cpu usage.
  • DScaler shutdown is now much faster.
  • Lots of bug fixes

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