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Endringer for v4.7.6 - v4.7.9

  • Fixed an intermittent flicker on the ISO Compare graph.
  • Rescaled all PIPO graphs to remove fraction on lowest scale.
  • Changed MediaInfo so the screen clears before analysing the media.
  • Added .nrg and .img as file types in Compare file requested window.
  • Fixed a bug causing Blu-ray error test to fail on some drives.
  • Fixed a bug where part of the compare graph could be left behind on the display.
  • Fixed a bug similar to above where error test could write outside of the container.
  • Fixed a bug in CRC and Compare graphs for Blu-ray, graph sizes were wrong.

Endringer for v4.7.5 - v4.7.6

  • Reduced executable size by 318KB this is about 10%.
  • Added a function to decrypt the Windows CD Key and display under system information.
  • Added Quality Rating for Graphs 1 and 2 in Compare PIPO feature.
  • Added Jitter for Liteon PIPO scan with 1858 or later chipset,(E.G. DH-20A3P)
  • Re-wrote the PIPO graphic plotter class as I have done for all other ones, this
  • makes the graph faster and is flicker free.
  • Re-wrote the PIPO graphic compare plotter class same as above.
  • Modified the CRC graph to no longer use bitmaps.
  • Fixed a problem with the IBG, RPM line for DL DVD Media.
  • Fixed a DVD DL scale issue in IBG graphing.
  • Fixed a IBG problem when loading a SL followed by a DL DVD.
  • Fixed the status display in System Information feature.
  • Fine tuning of new Liteon jitter routine.
  • Other small fixes.

Endringer for v4.7.0.0 - v4.7.5

  • Added "DVD Download" as a media type.
  • Added "DVD Download" to QFlix detection string.
  • Added HD-DVD compatibility to RPM Speed test feature.
  • Increased RPM Speed first scale from 18x to 20x
  • Added Rotational Control option to RPM Speed feature
  • Added Speed choice option to RPM Speed Feature.
  • Added an AACS detection tick box on DriveInfo
  • Added an TSR detection tick box on DriveInfo
  • Removed "book type" display under MediaInfo for HD-DVD
  • Started incorporating the letters "HD" in the title showing support for HD drives.
  • Fixed some bugs in DVD RPM Speed test feature
  • Fixed some alignment issues in MediaInfo for HD-DVD and Blu-ray
  • Fixed a bug in IBG Graphing, where if data was ‘verify’ only it didn’t show.
  • Fixed a bug in IBG Scale coloring introduced when fixing the flicker.
  • Fixed a problem where some drives in RPM speed could stick in CLV mode.
  • Fixed a bug in RPM Speed where the "Show Speed" option did not work properly.
  • Fixed a spurious spike in the RPM line in IBG Graphing.
  • Fixed some missing Tool Tips
  • Fixed missing icon in main dialog, preventing ALT-TAB switching
  • Fixed a bug in IBG Graphing causing odd graphs after multiple loads
  • Fixed a bug where some UDF Volume names could be blank under media info.
  • Fixed an issue with the "activation" build that caused a crash in manual Activation mode.

Endringer for v4.641 - v4.7.0.0

  • Happy to announce SAMSUNG (TSSTcorp) PIPO parity scanning has been added.
  • Fixed a bug where the selected drive handle remained open on exit of the program.
  • Extended the new system information feature with much more CPU information.
  • Fixed a minor graphical placement on driveinfo window.
  • Fixed an issue with Blu-Ray IBG graph scaling on Dual Layer discs.
  • Fixed an issue with IBG graph CD scaling
  • Fixed an issue with some PIPO burners not being detected properly.
  • Fixed a problem with the setting of speed in PIPO scanning.
  • Added ImgBurn CD IBG file graphing.
  • Fixed missing cpu / buffer usage bug in IBG Graph.
  • Fixed an issue with IBG Graphic since update in
  • Verified IBG graph can now display properly over 18x
  • Improved the RPM feature to remove screen flicker.
  • Improved IBG graph to allow speeds over 18x
  • Removed some extraneous seek commands from parity scanning.
  • Simplified the tests for PIPO suitable drives.
  • Removed some redundant code.
  • Fixed a bug in PIPO. When PIPO is clicked when a non supported drive as current, the start button was disabled, but clicking stop would enable it. Choosing start under these circumstances could cause a lock up. The Start button now remains disabled under these conditions. PIPO mode is allowed with a non supported drive so you are able to load DIP files for viewing.
  • Changed startup to render screen graphics earlier, stop the black void while scanning the BUS.

Endringer for v4.635 - v4.641

  • Changes for Roxio build
  • Enhancements and fixes for Blu-ray and HD-DVD.
  • Fixes for CRC check on HD discs.

Endringer for v4.628 - v4.635

  • Fixed some small errors with HD-DVD-ROM showing write abilities.

Endringer for v4.6.2.6 - v4.628

  • Fixed problems with update strings and versions.
  • Released Roxio Labs Full Version.

Endringer for v4.6.2.3 - v4.6.2.6

  • Added CSS Protected detect and display to Media info due to a user request
  • Fixed a bug when cancelling ISO create file request dialog window.
  • Tidied up some wrong line lengths in Media info.

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