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Endringer for v3.1.1(3084) - v3.1.1(3085)

  • FIXED: Main app crashed on Find/Replace in Project files
  • FIXED: A bug in Statistics with UTF-16 LE/BE encoding

Endringer for v3.1.1(3082) - v3.1.1(3084)

  • FIXED: A syntax parser bug in php,html,asp etc..

Endringer for v3.1.1(3080) - v3.1.1(3082)

  • FIXED: Main app might crash on updating tags/deleting project files
  • FIXED: Couldn’t restore files with proper encoding on startup
  • IMPROVED: Main app was suspended on completing words from context

Endringer for v3.1.1(3079) - v3.1.1(3080)

  • FIXED: ReplaceAll in scripts couldn’t handle multiple lines
  • FIXED: A problem on Zoom In/Out with minimap
  • FIXED: A bug on delete syntax item in syntax dialog
  • FIXED: A bug on adding user defined extensions in Assoc Dialog
  • IMPROVED: Update.exe would display a message box if net work problems occurred.

Endringer for v3.1.1(3074) - v3.1.1(3079)

  • FIXED: Couldn’t switch focus with split group
  • FIXED: Results might be skipped on greping text from folder with [Whole Word]
  • FIXED: Minimap couldn’t display background color of some syntax files
  • IMPROVED: Shrink max length of greped line to 4096
  • IMPROVED: Scrolling of minimap
  • IMPROVED: Find/Replace window might beyond outside of desktop

Endringer for v3.1.1(3073) - v3.1.1(3074)

  • FIXED: Fixed a bug on relace all opened files(Dirty state was not udpated correctly)
  • IMPROVED: Delete operator was moved to outside from context menu
  • IMPROVED: Tab size wil be remembered on clicking statusbar

Endringer for v3.1.1 - v3.1.1(3072)

  • FIXED: minimap wasn’t refreshed correctly on pasting text from clipboard
  • FIXED: A bug of ReplaceAll in scripts
  • FIXED: A bug of user defined toolbar
  • FIXED: A bug on opening source/header file in C++ mode
  • IMPROVED: HTML/XML’s tag auto completion was disabled on multiple/column selection
  • IMPROVED: the drawing of tab icon
  • IMPROVED: Improved the performance of grep

Endringer for v3.0.3 - v3.0.4

  • FIXED:Main application may crash on executing some commands through project window
  • FIXED:A bug on closing files in [Opened Files Window]
  • FIXED:A bug on adding active file to current project
  • FIXED:A bug of shortcut dialog
  • FIXED:MessageBox bug on Multiple monitors
  • FIXED:A bug on resizing line number area
  • FIXED:Some bugs in script control(doc.Delete/Doc.SetCaretPos)
  • FIXED:Some bugs in [TextFx]
  • Improved:Open selected project in project manager on double clicking list box
  • Improved:Menu.Popup(BOOL bScreenPos) can adjust menu position via first param(True:Screen position, False:Caret position)
  • Improved:Auto indent/unindent’s text length was enlarged to 128
  • Improved:Improved auto tag completion in html/xml

Endringer for v2.82 - v2.90

  • New Features:
  • Added x64
  • Redesigned UI
  • Load huge files asynchronously and display progress
  • Use separated font for Chinese/Japanese/Korean
  • Spelling Checking
  • Quick select EOL
  • Mode file could use multiple keys now
  • Enhanced Folding
  • Added focus mode
  • Added disable to edit function
  • Added partially edit function(Press Alt+])
  • Redesigned font dialog
  • Added new web preview window
  • Added file associations.
  • Language files now support pure text format
  • Improvements:
  • Improved drawing of multiple cursor
  • Delete full spaces on deleting whitespaces of EOH/EOL
  • Save dialog will select the proper ext for current syntax file
  • Improved drawing of status bar
  • Improved UAC checking
  • Improved restoring of docking windows
  • Improved dummy window checking on creating a new window
  • Enhanced reading mode
  • C+F/C+H will switch between Find/Replace Dialog
  • Expand folders automatically on adding folder into Directory view
  • Restored user defined transparency settings
  • [Macro file] would set syntax directly
  • Enhanced drawing of folded text
  • Moved snippet files to [snippet] folder
  • Enhanced macro recording
  • Updated icon of update.exe
  • Enhanced context menu of edit on pop-uping from keyboard
  • ALT+Doubling clicking URL/Email will open the web or email client
  • Enhanced CreateWord
  • Popup a dialog on clicking syntax part of statusbar
  • Directory view support moving order now.
  • Press Esc key will delete the last selection on [quick select], double click Esc key will erase all selections.
  • Added border for complete box
  • Hide document bar on full screen mode
  • Keep the top line number after replacing
  • Don’t insert pairs on multiple selection or column selection
  • Enhanced running of user tools on start page or hex view
  • Enhanced encoding window
  • Enhanced multiple selection
  • Keep selection on duplicate the current selection
  • Improved drawing on full screen mode
  • Script files now support InputBox/MsgBox
  • Use associated template file on creating new files
  • Enhanced print preview
  • Bold current tab of document bar
  • Select string with same syntax state on holding Alt key
  • Enhanced .nfo files encoding detection
  • Enhanced spaces drawing
  • Closing current document will close the main window, if no files exist!
  • Deleted current line indicator’s settings
  • Selection folding will be always enabled!
  • Fixed Bugs:
  • Fixed a bug on general dialog of option.
  • Fixed a promoting bug on delete [Delete Blank Lines] and [Delete duplicated Lines].
  • Fixed a bug on breaking current thread of outputwindow
  • Fixed a bug on Find Up/Find Down
  • Fixed a bug on deleting spaces of EOL
  • Fixed a bug on setting icons of view with browse mode
  • Fixed a drawing bug of line spacing configuration
  • Fixed a bug on escaping of find/replacing
  • Fixed a bug on drag/drop docking windows
  • Fixed a bug of toolbar redraw on hex view
  • Fixed a bug on setting syntax file for current splitting view
  • Fixed some memory leaks’ bugs
  • Fixed a bug on configing themes
  • Fixed a bug of color picker
  • Fixed a bug of encoding detection
  • Fixed a crash bug on windows 8.1

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