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Endringer for v5.0.4.0 - v5.0.6.0

  • FIXED: crash or black output could occur if resizing to very large dimensions
  • FIXED: crash could occur when closing preview right before image finished loading
  • FIXED: original preview was not loaded when using Center mode
  • FIXED: memory leak when watermark text rendering failed
  • FIXED: Add Border dialog would not accept decimal places if unit was set to percent
  • FIXED: alignment of watermark text when using rotation
  • IMPROVED: detect read-only flag of target files
  • Light Image Resizer – – Built 2017-03-22
  • ================================================
  • NEW: watermark image can be tiled now (by setting Resize option to Tile)
  • NEW: transparent background can be selected for Center mode
  • NEW: add recent profiles to application jumplist
  • FIXED: rotation for watermark image was broken
  • FIXED: using Percent with Center mode could result in wrong dimensions
  • FIXED: output was not centered in Crop mode when source was smaller than target dimensions
  • FIXED: preview was not refreshed when changing some options
  • FIXED: error after processing in some cases (Error in OnFinished)
  • FIXED: sequential number for watermark text was off by 1 (i.e. starting at 2 when supposed to start at 1)
  • FIXED: processing was slowed down and not working at full performance with lots of files

Endringer for v5.0.3.1 - v5.0.4.0

  • FIXED: ICO files were loaded without transparency
  • FIXED: context menu was displayed for some unsupported virtual folders
  • FIXED: state of auto width/height could be wrong when switching profiles
  • FIXED: dialog to add images didn’t allow to select multiple files in some cases
  • FIXED: path auto completion for destination was broken
  • IMPROVED: better check to avoid parsing of compressed folders (ZIP, CAB)
  • IMPROVED: include hidden files based on system setting
  • IMPROVED: recreate folder structure now also works if just one folder was added
  • IMPROVED: folder name can be specified in filename mask before a backslash (e.g. “subfolder\%F”)
  • IMPROVED: use new dialog to select folders (similar to files)
  • IMPROVED: place backup files in a sub-folder named “LightImageResizer_Backups” for more convenience
  • IMPROVED: better interface scaling for high DPI (esp. 4K monitors)
  • IMPROVED: limit threads to 8 on auto setting to avoid memory issues

Endringer for v4.7.4.0 - v4.7.7.0

  • FIXED: a wrong value could be displayed as image height in the log
  • IMPROVED: apply compression when converting from TIFF to PDF
  • Light Image Resizer – – Built 2015-12-03
  • ================================================
  • FIXED: some options (like filename mask) could be incorrect when launched via context menu, or changing profile
  • FIXED: text outline button (for watermark text) was active even if color selection was cancelled
  • CHANGED: increase limit for log entries
  • CHANGED: log entry limit now only applies to info type (warnings and errors will still be logged)
  • CHANGED: combine “info” log entries to a single line per file when processing
  • IMPROVED: refresh log only if visible for better performance
  • IMPROVED: behavior of destination edit box
  • IMPROVED: error handling when destination cannot be written to
  • Light Image Resizer – – Built 2015-11-09
  • ================================================
  • FIXED: selected profile could be empty when launched via context menu
  • Light Image Resizer – – Built 2015-11-04
  • ================================================
  • FIXED: deleting profile “Sample” could also delete “Sample 2”, etc.
  • FIXED: display issues with preview during processing (if enabled)
  • FIXED: threading issue when cancelling processing and/or preview
  • FIXED: deadlock when operation was finished while paused
  • FIXED: in some cases all files were skipped for no reason
  • ADDED: used profile is displayed during processing
  • IMPROVED: accuracy for estimated duration
  • IMPROVED: taskbar progress now indicates paused and failed state

Endringer for v4.7.3.1 - v4.7.4.0

  • FIXED: image count disappeared when showing other forms (Settings, etc)
  • FIXED: invalid pointer operation could occur after a new profile has been created
  • FIXED: EXIF data in specific JPEGs could get corrupted (e.g. Nikon Scan)
  • FIXED: unsaved changes were not always reset correctly when switching profiles
  • ADDED: tags for IPTC fields can now be used in watermark text
  • IMPROVED: sync of stock profiles can update profiles
  • IMPROVED: stock profiles are only sync’ed if required
  • CHANGED: Instagram profile now uses the new resolution (1080×1080) and center mode

Endringer for v4.7.3.0 - v4.7.3.1

  • FIXED: profile list was not refreshed when profiles were resetted
  • FIXED: when importing profiles, the overwrite prompt was shown for every profile instead of just once
  • FIXED: unit was set to percent when run from command line
  • CHANGED: when running from command line without a profile, the profile name is blank
  • ADDED: ability to select and as QuickProfiles

Endringer for v4.6.4.0 - v4.6.5.0

  • FIXED: DLL error when launching on older Windows
  • FIXED: application icon for 24 bit
  • FIXED: don’t browse through preview with cursor if one image only
  • FIXED: preview and watermark forms were not fully translated
  • FIXED: crash when processing is cancelled
  • IMPROVED: fallback to system default if language locale cannot be loaded
  • IMPROVED: display a note if language support may be missing for selected locale
  • UPDATED: DCRAW library

Endringer for v4.6.1.0 - v4.6.4.0

  • FIXED: rare error when cancelling right before processing is finished
  • FIXED: potential crash when toggling the preview
  • CHANGED: revised zoom levels in preview (maximum is 3200%)
  • IMPROVED: resposiveness when browsing through previews
  • ADDED: option “Reduce short side before crop” when crop mode is selected

Endringer for v4.5.8.0 - v4.6.1.0

  • FIXED: cancelling could cause crash/deadlock
  • FIXED: incorrect filename mask when running from command line (action=move) without /mask parameter
  • ADDED: return an exit code (1=errors, 2=warnings)
  • ADDED: support license key for all users in HKLM
  • ADDED: option to apply license key for all users when unlocking
  • ADDED: new profile to resize your photos for Instagram
  • CHANGED: crop mode now resizes based on smallest side, then crops on center
  • IMPROVED: skip some dialogs if /run parameter is used
  • IMPROVED: don’t save last used options if /run parameter is used

Endringer for v4.5.7.0 - v4.5.8.0

  • FIXED: rare issue when launched via context menu (missing settings, etc.)
  • FIXED: memory issue when rendering watermark text in large images
  • FIXED: removed a redundant error message
  • FIXED: potential crash when switching profiles
  • ADDED: thread numbers in log
  • ADDED: setting to toggle multithread processing (Settings, Processing tab)
  • IMPROVED: indicate if there were any warnings during processing
  • CHANGED: replace IE view with custom HTML viewer in update notification

Endringer for v4.5.6.0 - v4.5.7.0

  • FIXED: access violation when installing or uninstalling
  • FIXED: crash if application is terminated prematurely
  • FIXED: crash if locale file is locked
  • ADDED: new “Processing” tab in settings (some options moved)
  • CHANGED: setting to backup original files, default is on (see Processing tab)
  • UPDATED: Portuguese translation

Endringer for v4.5.4.0 - v4.5.6.0

  • FIXED: critical issue when processing was started
  • FIXED: cursor was not updated once preview was loaded
  • FIXED: process could still be in memory when cancelled
  • FIXED: deadlock when quality warning was shown
  • FIXED: prompt to include subfolders did not work correctly
  • FIXED: potential crash on exit when images were added via “Add Folder” button
  • FIXED: crash when adding some EMF files
  • FIXED: deadlock/hanging when processing a lot of files
  • FIXED: watermark image was not drawn transparent if resize was set to “None”
  • IMPROVED: better performance if watermark is not used

Endringer for v4.5.2.0 - v4.5.4.0

  • FIXED: crash on startup (WicLoader)
  • FIXED: rare crash when clicking “Process”
  • FIXED: autoplay for external storage devices was not selecting files
  • ADDED: application registration for “Open with”
  • UPDATED: OTL 3.03

Endringer for v4.5.1.0 - v4.5.2.0

  • FIXED: action “Resize Original” was doing nothing
  • FIXED: crash when saving the log
  • IMPROVED: settings are now loaded in a better way to prevent crashes
  • IMPROVED: check if watermark image is valid
  • CHANGED: IJL2 loader removed

Endringer for v4.4.4.0 - v4.5.1.0

  • FIXED: crash on single core CPU when processing is started
  • FIXED: rare crash on startup if settings form was not initialized

Endringer for v4.4.2.0 - v4.4.4.0

  • FIXED: “Adjust resolution for portrait” was greyed out in some cases
  • FIXED: auto width and height options were shown if percent and fit mode were selected
  • FIXED: an exception could occur if help was not available yet
  • IMPROVED: better exception handling during processing

Endringer for v4.3.2.2 - v4.4.2.0

  • FIXED: font list for watermark text was displaying unusable font types

Endringer for v4.3.1.0 - v4.4.1.0

  • FIXED: damaged metadata for some files

Endringer for v4.3.1.0 - v4.3.2.2

  • IMPROVED: some exceptions are just logged without throwing a message if possible
  • FIXED: damaged metadata for some files

Endringer for v4.3.0.0 - v4.3.1.0

  • ADDED : NEW Feature optimize PNG files using OptiPng lib
  • see details in our forum
  • Fix a problem with registration status in about box dialog
  • Updated translation
  • Profiles contains now the Facebook Timeline format

Endringer for v4.1.1.5 - v4.2.0.0

  • FIXED: center mode didn?t work correctly for square source dimensions (e.g. 640×640)
  • IMPROVED: quality warning now only shows once per work session

Endringer for v4.0.9.9 - v4.1.1.5

Endringer for v4.0.9.9 - v4.1.1.2

  • IMPROVED: prevent standby mode when processing
  • FIXED: using watermark with EXIF tags may lead to metadata being copied even if disabled
  • FIXED: problem saving watermark rotation if it was not zero before
  • ADDED: new filename tag %DIR for original folder
  • FIXED: rare issue where location registry key is not found by shell extension
  • FIXED: destination directory was not saved to profile in some cases
  • FIXED: center mode did not resize image correctly if one side was larger than target dimensions
  • FIXED: update setting was not loaded correctly

Endringer for v4.0.7.1 - v4.0.9.9

  • ADDED: support for .JPS files (JPEG Stereo 3D)
  • IMPROVED: set limit for countdown to 20
  • FIXED: rare crash when resizing images with 1×1 pixels
  • FIXED: write permission check for network shares didn?t work in some cases
  • IMPROVED: using file mask from command line (e.g. resize.exe ?c:\photos\*.jpg?) would not scan subfolders
  • IMPROVED: file paths in ZIP are now relative to topmost folder when using ?Recreate folder structure on destination?
  • ADDED: ask to show tutorial if no images were resized
  • ADDED: option for collecting anonymous usage information
  • IMPROVED: no IE dependency for update notification
  • FIXED: only first line of watermark text is saved correctly
  • FIXED: creating additional copy of profile makes application hang
  • FIXED: rare crash when trial window is closed quickly
  • FIXED: some crash cases
  • ADDED: new trace for debugging
  • IMPROVED: some text updated for better user experience

Endringer for v4.0.3.2 - v4.0.7.1

  • IMPROVED: stability for some cases
  • Updated be-spotted component

Endringer for v4.0.1.5 - v4.0.2.5

  • 0003953: [Suggestion] Replace balloon hints with new help (Phil) - resolved.
  • 0003952: [Bug] Trial window blocking immediate processing (Phil) - resolved.
  • 0003940: [Bug] Original size in preview may be wrong if small target resolution is set (Phil) - resolved.
  • 0003934: [Bug] Accidentially adding images from zip folders (Phil) - resolved.
  • 0003933: [Bug] File date not kept when outputting to zip (Phil) - resolved.
  • 0003929: [Crash] Closing application crashes on some machines (Phil) - resolved.
  • 0003877: [Feature request] Add option for overwrite behavior in profile (Phil) - resolved.
  • 0003878: [Bug] Profile save prompt cannot be reset (Phil) - resolved.
  • 0003876: [Suggestion] Ignore unsupported Photoshop data (IPTC) (Phil) - resolved.
  • 0003869: [Bug] Trial window issue (Phil) - resolved.
  • 0003872: [Bug] Some command line switches are broken (Phil) - resolved.

Endringer for v4.0.0.53 - v4.0.1.4

  • [Bug] cannot open PDF destination folder (Phil) - resolved.
  • [Bug] Save prompt is broken (Phil) - resolved.
  • [Bug] no PDF/ZIP created with "desktop" destination folder (Phil) - resolved.
  • [Suggestion] Add warning if quality will be low (Phil) - resolved.
  • [Feature request] Allow disabling of original and desktop profiles (Phil) - resolved.
  • [Suggestion] Add warning if resolution and PDF page size don't match (Phil) - resolved.
  • [Crash] Send by email crashes if no MAPI client installed (Phil) - resolved.
  • [Feature request] Improve preview window (zoom, output size) (Phil) - resolved.
  • [Feature request] Add support for additional file formats (Phil) - resolved.
  • [Feature request] Add additional watermark text effects (Phil) - resolved.
  • [Feature request] Allow to sort files by properties (Phil) - resolved.
  • [Bug] Can't set output size larger than 100 KB (Phil) - resolved.
  • [Bug] Original file not deleted when changing filename/format (Phil) - resolved.
  • [Suggestion] Apply installer language to application (Phil) - resolved.
  • [Bug] Quick profile selection broken (Phil) - resolved.
  • [Bug] "open" button non functional (Phil) - resolved.

Endringer for v4.0.0.42 - v4.0.0.46

  • 0003655: [Suggestion] Add prompt to include subfolders if no files are found (Phil) - resolved.
  • 0003654: [Bug] Trial window is not visible when launching via shellext (Phil) - resolved.
  • 0003653: [Bug] Doesn't start on Windows 2000 (Phil) - resolved.
  • 0003652: [Crash] Access violation when adding files or scrolling file list (Phil) - resolved.

Endringer for v4.0.0.42 - v4.0.0.42

  • [Feature request] Add option to set output size (Phil) - resolved.
  • [Bug] quick access bug when start processing immediately is checked (Phil) - resolved.
  • [Suggestion] advanced settings window - option cut due to translation problem (Phil) - resolved.

Endringer for v3.0.0.140 - v3.0.1.40

  • [Bug] can't save a different profil as default (Phil) - resolved.
  • [Bug] Border window can be accessed even that option box is NOT ticked. (Phil) - resolved.
  • [Bug] No preview when watermark preview selected. (Phil) - resolved.

Endringer for v2.2.0.4d - v2.2.1.2

  • This new version contains minor fixes, update translations and include a new set of documentations for popular languages.

Endringer for v2.1.8.2 - v2.2.0.1

  • updated dcrawlib.
  • workaround for CR2 resize ( due to Canon SDK crash with big memory allocation )
  • updated translations

Endringer for v2.1.1 - v2.1.2

  • fix a problem when saving rating with XMP/IPTC

Endringer for v2.0.2.0 - v2.1.1

  • fix an issue with registration for unicode system - Invalid RSA Key ( Japan, China )
  • include new process to extract from thumbnail large Jpeg for RAW ( .NEF )
  • updated japanese translation.
  • 0002360: [Bug] Sometimes wrong resize is used leading to blank image (Phil)
  • 0002339: [Bug] Current profile is not saved correctly (Phil)
  • open log with japanese windows fails.

Endringer for v2.0.1.17 - v2.0.2.0

  • use latest DCRAWLib 1.405
  • updated translations ( Japanese ).
  • fix support for Nikon D90 ( bad orientation and green tint ) this problem is probably also affecting some other raw format supported thru DCRAWLib

Endringer for v2.0.1.11b - v2.0.1.17

  • Now bundled with Canon RAW ED-SDK 2.4 ( support for EOS 1000D )
  • and latest DCRAWlib to support newest digital camera raw format
  • fix a detection issue of Athentech plugin
  • GUI change, OK, Cancel, Properties are swapped now.
  • various update in the translation files
  • optimization to read EXIF metadata from Canon RAW files .CR2

Endringer for v2.0.1.9 - v2.0.1.11

  • updated translations
  • copy IPTC information stream data

Endringer for v2.0.1.5 - v2.0.1.7

  • new IJL20, fix black images loaded
  • updated translations
  • 10% faster for files loading

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