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Versjonshistorie Apache OpenOffice

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Endringer for v4.0.1 - v4.1.0 Beta 1

  • Mac OS X version is now 64-bit and requires OS X version 10.7 or above.
  • Integrated iAccessible2 support, offering better integration with screen readers.
  • Annotations of text ranges in Writer.
  • In-place editing of text fields in Writer.
  • Interactive image crop feature for Impress and Draw.
  • Enhanced support for 3D charts.
  • New language translations: Bulgarian, Danish, Hindi, Norwegian Bokmål and Thai.
  • Many bug fixes and smaller improvements as detailed in the Release Notes.

Endringer for v3.4.0 - v3.4.1

  • New support for Khmer, Finnish, British English, Slovenian and Slovak languages. The Dutch, Spanish, Italian and Hungarian translations have also been improved. Along with US English, German, Japanese, Czech, French, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Gallician and Arabic, this brings the number of languages supported to 20.
  • Support for Microsoft Windows XP up to Windows 8 (32-bit), Linux 32-bit and 64-bit, and Apple Mac OS, including Mountain Lion. New to this release are compatibility fixes for improved operation in Microsoft Windows 8.
  • Enhancements in performance, interoperability and security
  • Fixes for 69 bugs reported by users.

Endringer for v3.3.0 - v3.4 Beta 1

  • This Beta Release is available in English and 69 additional language packs. The Beta testing period ends on May 2nd.

Endringer for v3.2.1 - v3.3.0 RC 10

  • Productivity Enhancements
  • New Custom Properties Handling
  • Embedding of Standard PDF Fonts
  • New Narrow Font Family
  • Increased Document Protection in Writer and Calc
  • Automatic Decimals Digits for "General" format in Calc
  • 1 Million Rows in a Spreadsheet
  • New Options for CSV (Comma Separated Value) Import in Calc
  • Insert_Drawing_Objects_in_Charts
  • Hierarchical_Axis_Labels_for_Charts
  • Improved Slide Layout Handling in Impress
  • Manual Setting for Primary Key Support for Databases
  • Support of Read-Only Database Registrations
  • New Math Command 'nospace'
  • Internationalization
  • Additional Locale Data
  • Usability and Interface
  • Common Search Toolbar
  • New Easier to Use Print Interface
  • More Options for Changing Case
  • Redesign of Thesaurus
  • Resetting Text to the Default Language in Writer
  • Text Rendering of Form Controls in Writer
  • Changed Defaults for Charts
  • Colored Sheet Tabs in Calc
  • Adapt to Marked Selection for Filter Area in Calc
  • Sort Dialog for DataPilot in Calc
  • Display Custom Names for DataPilot Fields, Items and Totals in Calc
  • Developer Features and Extensibility
  • Grid Control Enhancements
  • New MetaData Node for Database
  • Extending Database Drivers Using Extensions

Endringer for v2.1.0 RC2 - v2.1.0

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