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Versjonshistorie TagScanner (Portable 64-bit)

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Endringer for v6.1.4 - v6.1.5

  • Improved: MusicBrainz lookups now import full set of MBIDs to better integration with media managers and also have more relevant results
  • Fixed: Renaming of files with patterns with leading backslash
  • Fixed: %_bitspersample% placeholder not filled correctly in Export scripts
  • Fixed: Filtering didn't work in some cases
  • Fixed: Errors on creating user field containing spaces
  • Fixed: Filelist not updated correctly on undoing of renaming
  • Changed: Publisher's catalog number from web results now saved to CATALOGNUMBER field instead ISRC
  • Updated Export scripts to avoid possible problems with non-latin texts outside placeholders
  • Translation: Turkish, Bulgarian

Endringer for v6.1.2 - v6.1.3

  • New: Number of elements in each group now displayed on group's title bar
  • New: Scripting function $substr(x,a,b)
  • Improved: Internal player now considers if the file list is filtered
  • Improved: Editor now preserve fields values while toggling Transformations
  • Improved: Additional checks on corrupted FLAC files to prevent hanging
  • Changed: ALBUMARTIST placeholder no longer use ARTIST value if own value is empty
  • Updated export scripts
  • Updated playback engine
  • Translation: German, Italian

Endringer for v6.1.1 - v6.1.2

  • New: $padleft(x,y) and $padright(x,y) functions
  • Improved: 64-bit installer now auto-backup scripts from 32-bit installation before upgrade
  • Improved: Interface now looks and feel more accurate on 175% and higher scaling
  • Changed: After refactoring of scripting engine to speed up processing was reverted back PCRE based regular expression engine to take access to full power of string processing
  • Fixed: Can't update tag while file playing
  • Fixed: Tracks numbering from Musibrainz lookups
  • Fixed: Processing of export scripts with html tags
  • Fixed: In some cases program maked copy of file instead renaming
  • Translation: Portuguese (Brazil), Italian

Endringer for v6.1.0 - v6.1.1

  • Fixed: 64-bit version didn't launch on systems with increased dpi
  • Fixed: Hanging of 64-bit version while playback music
  • Fixed: Some visual issues in advanced editor
  • Fixed: Access violation error on export in some cases
  • Translation: Portuguese (Portugal

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